Living in a Body

…and Loving it!


Live your life from a place of choice, balance, and fulfillment.

Many years of study and practice inform the space that I will hold for you as a spiritual Life Coach.

If you are seeking traditional life coaching support such as goal setting and progress tracking, I can provide that. I specialize in guiding you on a journey of deeper level growth and unfurling. You can discover and explore parts of yourself that you have disowned, pushed down into the basement of your subconscious and may not be aware of, uncovering the gifts they have for you.  We will work together to support you in accepting and integrating these parts, so that they no longer become your saboteur or the backseat driver of your life.

You can expect to experience shifts that will allow you to

  • Have a healthy relationship with your body
  • Slow down and enjoy the journey
  • Heal your child self to feel safe in this “grown-up” world
  • Live in more abundance and possibility in all areas of your life
  • Keep sex sacred and alive