The sacred elements; Earth, Air, Fire, Water are waiting for us to work magic together in the Center, to assist in the planet’s great turning and renewal.

Finding ourselves alive in this time of seachange, we will explore our access to the powers of the life force. We will come to know ourselves asthe elements, and our connection to the Body and Mind of Earth – to all Life. Using trance, devotion, chant, breath, and inspired listening; we will commune with those elemental beings with whom we can be allies. We will do this in direct and experiential ways such as Transformational Breath® and Chanting with Air, fire ritual and sun worship with Fire, immersion and drinking rituals with Water, body practice and hearing nature with Earth, and much more.  We will seek to understand what we do not know. We will discover magical arts as they flower.  We will practice the tools required to do the next work, the next healing, the next pieces of change that are needed so desperately in this time. And we will accept that we are already equipped to be vessels of that change. We hear the call, and we respond.

This class will work directly with the elemental powers; it is building on a previous Elements of Magic class or equivalent experience rather than providing that information.