Why is sex sometimes full of so many challenges and strange energy in our culture?
Why are many women are deeply wounded around sex and sexuality?
How is it that sex can be deeply meaningful, sacred and beautiful or it can be painful, disturbing or fraught with difficulty?
How can we break free of the ways that our sexuality has been bound, and express the juicy fullness of our sexual creative potential?

We will share wisdom and stories about living a balanced, rich and healthy sex life whether with a partner, partners or single. This workshop will be lesbian and bi sensitive, aiming to be inclusive of all women and their differing sexualities. We will bring the sometimes taboo subject of sex into sacred conversation and sacred space in order to support each other in de-shaming and reclaiming our divine sexual natures, and seeing the sacred in our sexual desire, while also looking lovingly at places where we can fall out of integrity with ourselves in our expressions of sex. We will bring in such topics as sex magic, sex prayer, devotional sex, sex as a spiritual practice, better sex through open communication, and keeping sex alive in long term relationships and through and after menopause.