I am deeply inspired by the innate beauty and balance in all beings. I believe that healing is possible for anyone, as we are all on a journey back to the Divine, which is from where we came. I have been on a path as a visionary and a healer since my early teens. I believe the primary tool for being an effective coach is my own consciousness. I cultivate a throughout-the-day spiritual practice using many tools to remember the truth of who I am, to live in deep integrity, and to be spiritually awake. My second greatest assets as a coach are my lifelong ability to deeply understand the experience of other, and my training in compassionate communication.


Many of the studies through my life serve to support the yearlong coach training that I completed with master coach, Ben Saltzman. These include a nine month Priestess Path Apprenticeship, a two year  Transformational Breath®  facilitator training, and a four year program as a Practitioner of expanded consciousness in the New Thought tradition. I have studied sacred sexuality formally and informally have been teaching it for two years. I have seven years of experience in facilitating workshops, have taught in a spiritual development program at a local metaphysical church for three years, and am an ordained Metaphysical Minister. My skills are well developed in compassion, patience, forgiveness, clear and loving communication, and creating a sacred container for deep work. I am delighted by sacred circles, kind connections, wild places and simple blessings.