“The first time I experienced Transformational Breath®, I couldn’t believe that something this profound was possible with just my breath. Fifteen years later and eight years into my practice as a certified facilitator, I recognize the breath fully as the portal that it is. It is our birthright to use our breath as a portal to deep and lasting change, to a visceral experience of, and direct communication with, the Divine and to deep and abiding Joy.” -Taica Patience


Transformational Breath® will take you on a journey with your breath to

  • Reclaim your physical health
  • Facilitate deep emotional and mental well being
  • Expand your consciousness
  • Connect deeply with who you are and the life you came here to live.


As you clear and integrate physical and emotional blocks and “old stuff”, you make way for clarity about where it is you truly want to be in your life, and how to get there. This is a powerful breathing practice that can provide you with the tools to create the life you truly want.


Reclaim your physical health
Do you ever noticed yourself holding or restricting your breath? We all do this. It is the most effective tool that we have to handle feelings that don’t get to be expressed. As we continue to do this throughout our lives, we develop a unique breathing pattern which affects our health.  By the time that we reach the age of 75, most of us have shut our breathing down by 75%. This means we take in 75% less oxygen. Oxygen is a vital foundation for cell regeneration and organ vitality. It is a key to overall health. There are over 50 diseases that cannot exist in an oxygen rich environment, and cancer is one of them.  Transformational Breath uses techniques to facilitate the opening of your full respiratory system and oxygen intake capacity in order to shift your breathing pattern.


Emotional and Mental Well Being
When you re-open your breathing, you create an opportunity for the original unexpressed feelings to be cleared, and to replace them with a sense of  joy and freedom. Transformational Breath gives you the ability to access and clear negativity from the subconscious, allowing you to guide your life consciously.


The Life You Came Here to Live
Physical and emotional clearing create space for a deeper connection with your authentic self, your Truth, and the expansion of consciousness. Many people have profound mystical or transcendent experiences during Transformational Breathing, coming in contact with the Divine, however that looks them, for messages, guidance and an experience of Oneness.